Can you see this?

They say never to start with a negativ remark.But i hate latrines so i will not build one. I will build a bath house.So, between those two trees on the right and the three trees on the left i will create a roof. Underneath it will have two composting toilets, two showers and a long …

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At home

They will say Romania is a corrupt country, and it is, they will say it is a lot of bureaucracy and it is, it is also the second country by the number of immigrants after Syria, but also has the biggest economic growth in Europe, they will say we have gypsies and we don't get …

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Update 20.02.2019

Un articol, două limbi.One post, two languages. Un proiect mai bine conturat:- mi-aș dori să pun bazele grădinii. Vom face straturi înălțate și vom planta leguminoase precum mazăre, fasole, linte.- trebuie mai întâi construită o bucătărie de vară cu soba/cuptor și loc de luat masa.Construcția va fi realizată din lemn rotund si tiglă veche ceramică …

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